Framework For Exchange

“A two storey temporary pavilion in Shoreditch, constructed from recyclable scaffolding, with the purpose of encouraging interaction, collaboration and community through different forms of exchange. The pavilion is designed with the intention of inciting peer-to-peer exchange that shared work spaces organically promote. As an exploration of TOG’s place within the shared economy as a provider of work spaces, the project considers the framework required to cultivate interaction and knowledge sharing, both physically and figuratively.

Throughout London Design Festival ‘Framework for Exchange’ will be home to a rich public programme, which, through active collaboration, will focus on the exchange of knowledge, skills, time and goods.” - Universal Design Studio

Studio Wais created a bold identity, by using a diverse colour range and simple pattern based on the letter X. It is an icon for both the idea of exchange and the physical framework. The printed cubes, that are used as stools, connect the scaffolding of the pavilion in a playful way. Part of the project was the outdoor signage and all printed collateral like flyers, posters and banners.

Creative Direction, Branding, Design
Andrew Meredith, Dunja Opalko
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